Our History

Sub-chef Bolivar Perez an Chef Segundo Tinishanay
Sub-chef Bolivar Perez an Chef Segundo Tinishanay

Led by head Chef Bolivar Perez and Chef Segundo Tinishanay, they combine for 30 and 20 years of cooking experience in Italian cuisine each respectively since the mid 80’s.

They came to the U.S. in search of the American Dream and through years of hard work and dedication have moved up the rankings to become chefs in one of the most acclaimed and recognized restaurant in New York City area Il Mulino, where they served many famous celebrities and important people such as President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

Il Falco looks to serve you with the most delicious and finest italian cuisine in the area. Inspired by the original owners of Il Mulino Gino and Fernando Masci, Segundo and Bolivar acquired the love for the Italian Kitchen. This has given them the experience in creating and mastering familiar pastas such as the wild mushroom ravioli with special sauces.

From the sea we have bronzino cooked in sea salts as well as fresh seafood with angel hair. For meat lovers we have a choice of delicious veal chops to rack of lamb to name a few. We look forward to providing you with great service and make you feel just like home.